Are Christmas songs worship songs?

So are they worship?

What bothers me personally is the fact that we start seeing and hearing Christmas earlier every year. This year on Halloween day there was a local radio station that played Christmas music all day! I like Christmas music, don’t get me wrong but I don’t want to hear it until after Thanksgiving.

Lets not forget…

The entire reason for Christmas is to celebrate the birth of our savior so there is an assumption that most songs are worship.( except things like Rudolf and Frosty.) I guess the question really is… Have people been singing these songs for so long even if they are not Christ Followers that the meaning is lost? Most of the time if there is a new Christmas song it is an old one redone by:  Enter Artist Name Here.

So are Christmas songs so  comfortable that people go on auto-pilot? I think there is an expectation for Christmas songs at church this time of year but I wonder if it is really the right thing. I do think whether through the message or a persons own personal quiet time they can get back that appreciation and awe of what the songs mean.

As “the church” do we need to be more purposeful in how we approach everything this time of year?

Do we refocus what we do so that it is not catering to the once or twice a year people that go to church because it is “the thing to do”? We want people to feel comfortable visiting church this time of year but is there  a refocus that needs to take place to remind people what it truly means?

Would it make more of an impact to do what may be considered “Easter songs” to remind people how awesome it was he was born knowing the plan for His life?

What are your thoughts?


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