P90X Day1 – What did I get myself into


Wow, day one is chest and back and my approach was…

  • This is my first day so I will pace myself and get a feel for the exercises.
  • I knew I would not be able to keep up with Tony and the others and was ok with that.
  • My first goal also to see what happens in 30 days to give myself a short term goal and if I see results which I assume I will then I will go on to 60 and eventually 90.

Some quick background

Now at about 5’7” I am not a tall guy and I am weighing in at 187 at the moment, too much for that height. In some fairness to myself (or justification 🙂 ) I did gain about 10 pounds about two years ago weightlifting for a period of time. This was, I believe, muscle weight gain. The problem was my lack of cardio so I still had a gut and was generally still bigger than I should be.

I think the biggest change anyone needs to make to start a program like this though is mental. I am not always the self motivating person especially for working out but you personally need to get fed up. If the desire to change is not coming from within you then it will not happen. Hear me on this: YOU NEED TO WANT TO CHANGE! Even if the driving factors are your family and making sure you are healthy enough to be around for a while, if that spark is not lit inside you the chances to fail or not even start are HUGE!

Quick overview of first DVD

There are basically 2 rounds of the exercises where he tells you pace your self during the first phase then phase two is what makes this extreme because you are pushing yourself beyond where a typical workout DVD would stop. So I am a big boy, I followed directions. I did pace myself the first time around and as time went on realized even pacing myself was going to kick my butt!

After warming up you kick it in… Lots of varied push ups styles, some weight training and pull ups.

I have never been good at pull ups, I can only do about 3… with a struggle, and I am sure I don’t have good form even with those 3. They tell you to use a chair if you need to which I will do going forward until I get a little stronger in that area. I like how they show you different options to help you adapt based on your skill.

By time the 2nd phase started for the push ups I was struggling and found my arms turning to jelly before my eyes. I wanted to go light because of my struggle but promised myself I was going all out on this for 30 days. Out of my entire 36yr life 30 days should be nothing to sacrifice especially if the results help change my life. For what it’s worth “all out” was not much by this point though.

I was constantly sipping the water, almost faceplanting because my arms were giving out and nausea was setting in! Not sure if this is everyone but anytime in the past where I started a big workout after not doing it for a while I get nauseous the first few workouts. It may be due to some dehydration because I work out in the morning and don’t have a chance to hydrate like I should or not enough sleep, which unfortunately I only got about 5.5hrs last night.

By time I was done with the cool down I got another 12 oz of water and was ready to get in the shower but had to sit and even lay down for a few minutes to get rid of my feeling of being light-headed and let the nausea go away some. Once I did and got in the shower, wow I was having issues keeping my arms up up to my head to wash my hair!

Immediately after the shower I made a protein shake EAS brand from Costco, 27 grams of protein to replenish and fuel my muscles. About 30 minutes later a string cheese, which is about 6 grams of protein and a small piece of a breakfast casserole which admittedly may not have been the best thing but it is mostly protein and I was sooo hungry at that point and another 12 oz of water.

For the rest of the day just trying to eat well, I am planning on Tuna and Cottage cheese for lunch and need to get my veggies in. I still need to go through the diet plan to better plan for myself but said I was starting today and did not want to put it off because I did not read through the diet plan yet. I knew that would just be the start of excuses if I waited.


One thought on “P90X Day1 – What did I get myself into

  1. It is a tough first week. Jest keep going and dont worry about keeping up with those cats. Remember they have already gone through the motions. You’ll be doing 200 pushups in one sitting in no time 😉

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