P90X Day 2- Soreness and burn

Well as yesterday went on I noticed the soreness setting in and by bedtime I hit the advil. This morning when I got up? Wow!

I was very sore but told myself to get up and it was time to hit the Plyometrics.

Plyometrics is basically a lot of cardio jump training. The first thing I realized is I am not as flexible as I should probably be. When they said to crouch down in various positions to jump I could not get to where they are, but that is ok I did the best I could.

This one will get your heartrate up bigtime and after drinking much water and pacing myself but still huffing and puffing I was done, and I was done a little early. I got to a point where Tony said here are three bonus moves for advanced people (something like that) I hit FF and went to the cool down. I already felt like I pushed myself and needed to stop.

Then I realized I forgot to do Ab ripper X yesterday so I did about 50 various crunch styles just to make sure I did something for abs.

I did get a little nauseous again but not as bad, I am assuming because I was drinking more water all day yesterday. I drank about 84oz of water, way more than I normally do.

Now, not only am I sore from yesterday but my legs were burning from the Plyometrics and now are just tired. I had to go upstairs earlier and it was hard.

For me, anytime I start a new workout where I get sore the second day after the workout is always the worst… I fear tomorrow. 🙂 The Advil will be close at all times.


5 thoughts on “P90X Day 2- Soreness and burn

  1. Wow, I wish I had that kind of motivation bro. I need to do something, but the 5 month old in the house always works well as an excuse. It’s nice to read someone having success though….makes me sweat reading :-).

    • It is hard with a baby, you still have time but not much sleep for the energy you will need! 🙂

      I would not call two days a success yet but thanks for the encouragement, keep following my updates it will help me stay accountable knowing people are reading this! 😉

  2. Jeff says:

    Congratulations on hoping on the P90X train, I’m half way through my second round and I am still loving it. Believe me it will get easier. Something that I would like to recommend for the soreness is the P90X Recovery Drink, it actually does seem to help a bit. You should look at becoming a Beachbody coach, its great. Go to http://www.Beachbodycoach.com/jeff313 and click on Coach in the middle of the page and check it out. Send me and email and let me know what you think about it.

    Again congrats on joining and stick with it. Just keep pushing play

    • Thanks, I am doing a protein shake within about 30 minutes of my workout and I think just upping my water and protein intake through the day is helping with the soreness. Like I said in the post usually the second day is the worst for me but I am actually feeling pretty good now.

      Only 3 days in but excited to keep going!

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