Twitter and facebook darkness

There is a Daniel fast going on right now with a lot of people at our church and churches around the country, the problem I had was I decided to do P90X which includes diet changes before I knew about the fast.

I did not want to fast in regard to food since I was already planning to cut many things out of my diet for the P90X program. I felt it would be out of convenience and not for the purpose intended.

My wife, Kelly, suggested I stop facebook and twitter for a week as my fast since I am such a geek. I was more reluctant about twitter than facebook but after some thought and prayer realized if I did not want to give it up for a period of time then that had to be the thing I gave up because it meant too much to me.

So if you usually engage with me on facebook or twitter, you will not see me for a week as I refocus and remove those distractions.

I will continue to check email and update my blog but this is more  for me to journal my P90X progress.


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