P90X Day 5 – Back and Legs

A little update of yesterday, I am fighting off some kind of sinus thing and last night was feeling achy but then it hit me, the achy soreness may be the yoga. The yoga that I did not think I had a good workout with. All the stretching and balancing I think did more than I had thought.

I am still trying to wrap my head around the diet also, according to the system I need about 2800 calories a day, I want to cut back some because I need to lose some weight but that is still a lot of calories. Well, a lot of calories when trying to eat healthy. I could go to Qdoba and knock out 1100 calories easy with a burrito but that would not do me any good. (But wow that sounds good right now. 🙂 )

Last night I was starting to crash and I am not sure if it was because I am fighting off a cold or because I did not eat enough, maybe a little of both.

I went to bed too late last night, around 11, and was up at 5am to work out, it was a struggle to get up plus my sinuses were all congested which did not help how I felt, learn from my stupidity and get enough sleep!

Since this is the first week there is still an excitement of “What will today’s workout be like” so off I went to push play. Once again I could not keep up with everything especially the pullups, I am still horrible at those but knocked out what I could which was 2 or three depending on the grip. (form still was not good and it was a struggle.) Some of the leg exercised I did keep up with but, oh the burn! 🙂 I had to fast forward a little since I realized I had Ab Ripper X also and needed some time for that, which again was hard and I could not keep up on everything but I don’t expect to yet.

I will say I have not weighed myself yet but even just walking, I feel like I am standing up straighter and in general feel tighter, and that feels good. I think my muscles are remembering where they are supposed to be.

Tomorrow is Saturday and it will feel good to sleep in even if it is only for a little bit and I am looking forward to Kenpo X, I enjoyed martial arts as a kid so I am thinking tomorrow may be hard but fun.


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