P90X – Day 7 and 8 (Sort of)

Sunday was a rest day and with Church that will be a good schedule for me, the one issue I ran into though was…

I got sick Saturday night, sore throat congestion the whole thing and felt nasty enough to go to the minute clinic at CVS I have a sinus infection and they gave me antibiotics which is good. The bad? I was so exhausted I guess from my body trying to fight it off I slept in today (Monday) I needed it but I need to figure out my schedule going forward, I either need to completely skip a day or see if I can squeeze in a 2nd workout sometime. I am not sure what will be best for my body. I will research that and if anyone has dealt with that and has a thought leave a comment and let me know!

By the way having done a full week I figured I would weigh myself and I lost three pounds! Part of that may be due to me being sick and not eating much yesterday I am not sure. I am wondering if that is the case will I gain a little back, I am not sure but will see what happens.


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