Blog Tour: What Everyone Should Know About Money-Joseph Sangl

What Everyone Should Know About Money before they enter the real world. It it a long name for a short but good book.

Thanks to Joseph for allowing me to be one of the small group to get a copy for review as part of his blog tour!

First, this is an easy read and when it comes to a financial book that is always a good thing. Too often people’s eyes glaze over just thinking about reading financial information, add to that the fact that it is even tougher for this A.D.D, cliff note generation.

People want the quick facts and what Joseph has done here is offer an easy to understand and “real” view into what lies ahead for many people.

It is probably safe to say that most people are not truly ready for dealing with money in the real world. For many people it is about the now. What can we have now, we will worry about the effect later and that is where most people get in trouble.

I really liked how Joseph started things off with the concept of what are your dreams. I think that is a great way to get people to realize that “later” is important and it takes planning now to reach those dreams.

Budgeting is always a “bad” word to most people and again Joseph makes it very easy to understand and make a reality. The concept of a budget still takes self control and determination but he offers downloads from his website to go along with his concepts to help people take those important first steps.

It is obvious that Joseph has a passion to help people stay out of debt and it is coming from a regular guy who has been broke and worked his way out of it. Where better to learn than from someone that has been through the tough times and has the experience to share.

Each chapter deals with very real concepts including savings, giving (tithing), debt traps,  how credit scores work, how debt can affect relationships and more.

Everyone needs to start understanding these concepts if they are to be responsible adults and this is book is a great place to start! I highly recommend this for teens, young adults or even not so young adults that maybe made some financial mistakes and are looking for a way to make some changes. I wish I had a copy when I was younger!

Go check out Joseph Sangl’s website for more information.


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