P90X Day 12 – Legs and Back

Can you feel the burn? I do!

My legs, especially my calves were burning this morning, big time! The only thing I don’t like about legs is my right knee is not is the best of shape. I never hurt it bad but I think it is a little messed up from my old skateboarding days. It click and clack and freaks me out when it does! I am hoping that these workouts over time will build the flexibility and strength so that it does not bother me anymore, for now I just push through.

Since I am still not a pull up master I did what I could and then looped the bands up around the pull up bar and pulled down on those to get some resistance and continue. I probably did about 7 real pull ups and the rest were with the bands.

Then Ab Ripper X, once again I felt the burn, a burn so bad it was actually just as painfull to release the contraction in my abs and took a second or two for the muscles to relax. Not sure if that makes sense but it is the only way to describe what I was feeling.

I love how I am starting to feel, even with missing some due to sickness at the beginning of the week.


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