P90X Day 15 – Chest and Back

Workout kicked my rear again!

I missed this workout last week since I was sick but even still, I did do better than the first week and seeing progress is motivating. My arms were still jelly when done but I did do more reps this time around.

Also I did not get nauseous this time… but then I got to the end of Chest and Back and remembered I had to do Ab Ripper X, I did what I could and then felt a little nauseous and had to sit for a few minutes.

The other factor is Football, not playing it but watching it. Last night I was watching the NFC playoff game and was up too late and I do think it affected my body this morning, take my word for it, you need to get rest to do this stuff!

My other bummer is I did not lose any weight, I actually gained a pound, up to 184 I don’t get it. Now I will say I am feeling good, feeling like things are getting back in place on my body and maybe it is my imagination but I feel like my stomach is thinning a little. In the scheme of things I think I need to continue to lost some weight but above all I want to see inches and body fat go down.


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