P90X – Recovery Week

Well, this morning was Yoga X as I start my recovery week…

This morning was the most I have done with the yoga, I was not a fan but have to admit I feel good right now. It is strange though my body actually feels loose and stretched out. I still can’t do everything they can do to some lack of strength or flexibility but I am still bringing it and pressing play!

I feel like my body is responding to the last 3 weeks but not sure I see changes in my body. I have done some research though and found that most people see and feel the biggest difference in days 30-60 so I am hopeful!


4 thoughts on “P90X – Recovery Week

  1. Recovery weeks are great lol. What are you doing to keep track of your measurements? Are you using a soft tape measure? Taking photos? Keeping track of your reps?

    When i first started I tried to use eyesight to track my progress, and i never wrote anything down. I got so discouraged. Ten I started taking photos and comparing them and keeping track of my reps, and taking measurements. Complete difference!

    I take photos once monthly, and measurements every 2 weeks or so.

    Stick with it!

    I blog at Fitness Achievement stop by, I have lots of tips and tricks, and nutrition help. We also do a daily motivational email.

    • Hey, thanks for your thoughts!

      I am doing photos, did some measurements and body fat %. I am only doing the scale for weight once a week and the other things monthly, so day by day it is just eyesight and I am not seeing much. Hopefully I will be surprised next Monday when I start phase 2 and take new pics and measurements and compare to my initial stats.
      I will check your blog out, thanks!

  2. No problem! Happy to help in any area that I can. I went through the same things. One of the things that really helped me was getting in the habit of focusing on the process, not the results. Because if the process worked (which i was fairly sure that it did the way my body freakin hurt all over) then the results would come.

    Are you taking any supplements? What is your goal to lose weight, bulk up, or combination?

    • I have some pounds to drop but not a whole lot, I figure if I can drop about 15lbs I should be good. I started at 186.5 and at only 5’7 I think to get to around 170 or so would be a good in shape weight. I am not overly concerned with pounds if body fat % drops though.

      I am not taking supplements aside from multivitamin and protein shakes/bars, oh and “Juice Plus” fruit and vegetable supplements since I know I do not eat enough of them everyday.

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