P90X – Recovery does not mean easy!

Today was core synergistics, it was the first time doing that work out so there were a few time, like week one, where I had to wait to see what or how they were doing some exercises…

Now I am a little sore from Yoga X yesterday since I did better/more than previous weeks so I felt some of these exercises right away but it is another butt kicker.  A lot of core building exercise using balance and resistance moves. Again, Recovery week does not mean take it easy!

One cool thing though… Yesterday I was about to go out around lunch time and my pants felt really loose so I went to get my belt. As I was about to go up to my room to get it I realized I already had it on! I tightened it up a notch and that little experience was so much better than stepping on the scale to see less weight because it was a practical reality showing me there are body changes going on.


4 thoughts on “P90X – Recovery does not mean easy!

  1. Yay!!!!! That is an awesome feeling! Thats what happened to my belt, i was at the last notch, then i kept bringing it in, until i had to get a new belt.

    What is that “juice plus” you were talking about? i dont think i’d heard of that before.

  2. Dude! I just checked out your twitter and the rest of the site, your on a worship team? So am I! I play guitar at Newsong Vineyard on the worship team. It’s a really great and amazing thing to do. Keep it up!

  3. Very cool, we need to chat more about the worship stuff!

    Juice Plus was something my wife purchased at a “party” someone had at their house. I used it for a little while and stopped. When I was planning to start P90X I knew I had to get in better eating habits and I will eat some fruits and veggies but not a lot. I found some bottles left over and decided it would be a good supplement for me to get in my system. Two red (fruit) in the morning and two green (veggie) in the evening.

    Can’t say 100% that is is doing anything but again, I had them and figured it can’t hurt. http://www.juiceplus.com

  4. Hey, keep up the great work with P90X! I am on Day 26 and I wake up sore EVERYDAY, rest day or not! It is worth every minute though, so DON’T GIVE UP! Are you a Beachbody Coach? Check out http://www.BeachBodyCoach.com/JillianTirado and click on coach. If you would like an alternative to Juice Plus, you may want to check out Shakeology under products as well! Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or if you just need some P90X motivation! Best of luck and I hope to hear from you!

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