Profect Protein Shots

Profect from Protica

I have had a bunch of people ask me if I am taking supplements while doing P90X…

I am NOT taking any kind of diet supplement like Hydroxycut or Xenadrine or any other enhancement like that.

I wanted to do this the right way, the healthy way.

Something I am taking now though is Profect Protein Shots

The vials that the product come in are easy to throw in a gym bag or brief case to take almost anywhere which makes it very convenient.

The vial says “Tastes great!”, I honestly would not go that far, but considering there is 25g of protein, 0 carbs, 0 sugar, 0 fat and only 100 calories, it is decent. Plus, take into consideration that it is only 2.9oz, 2 or 3 gulps in about 5 seconds and it is gone. That is why I think this stuff is great!

Phase one of the P90X nutrition plan is the fat shredder where they want you to average 50% protein, 30% carbs and 20% fat from calories in your day. As someone that loves pasta especially fattening kind like Fettuccine Alfredo, breads and other bad for you (good 🙂 ) food. It took deciding and committing to change my diet and Profect has been a big help.

If you check out the web site they sell, among other things,  a Profect sampler. There is a little ad link on the menu to the right to check it out and I was told customers can use Coupon Code PR15 for 15% off.

I have a Chocolate protein shake made with EAS powder from Costco in the morning to start my day but then I have 2-3 Profect shots through the day. I am eating healthier than I ever have in my life and I know it will be worth it.

Other than that I am taking a “Performance”  multi vitamin also from Costco and I am taking JuicePlus which is a fruit and veggie “supplement”.

Even with my better eating habits I am not getting the recommended amounts of  fruits and vegetables and that is what JuicePlus helps to balance. There is a website for them but we purchased them through someone my wife knew. We had a few bottles left over so I started to take them. I honestly can’t say if it is helping, but if they do what they claim they do then it should help.

That is about it, if you have any questions or comments leave some feedback!


One thought on “Profect Protein Shots

  1. Cool! Good to hear! I take the Results and Recovery shake, and Shakeology.

    I used to do EAS, that stuff is freaking yum!! very good tasting. I switched to shakeology because it has a lot more to it, but EAS was definitely my favorite protein meal replacement.

    I might have to try this Juice Plus stuff!

    Fitness Achievement

    I still want you on the motivational email!

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