Five Stones Church Yesterday




What a day!

Yesterday was our second ever baptism and to hear the stories of the children and adults was awesome! 20 people were baptized and it was also a high attendance day. We had over 500 people! Some people say numbers should not matter but to me if that was the case then why in scripture is it discussed? There are many verses that talking about adding to the numbers because the gospel was preached. As overwhelming as it was to see and hear all the baptisms watching Greg baptize his own kids was emotional (Yes, I was wiping some tears as we got up to play the next song.)

It is awesome to see what God is doing because it is no secret that none of us are perfect so we know this is a God thing!


2 thoughts on “Five Stones Church Yesterday

  1. Awesome! And numbers DO matter. Not for numbers sake, but for the fact that each one of those numbers is a soul saved. If all the angels in Heaven sing for 1 souled saved, then how many decibels is that cranked up for 100?

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