P90X Day 29 – Start of Phase 2

Today was day 29 – chest, shoulders, triceps and begging for mercy!

My first big mistake was….

Not eating well last night, I ate better than I could have but that is not saying much as we were with friends watching the Superbowl. Mistake number two was staying up to late last night. It was hard to get up at 5am this morning but I did and hit play.

The next big realization was “Oh, this is muscle confusion!” I almost felt like I never worked out before, I have no doubt part of that was my lack of sleep and bad eating yesterday but WOW! I felt like I was starting over with these some of these new exercises.

Oh, and to bring me more humiliation… There was a lady on this video that I am assuming was at least late 40’s, probably 50’s and was bringing it! I felt bad enough but then shoot my ego also?! Ugh. Well I did the best I could and really need to get myself back on track today.

The good news… My weight was down 6 pounds (as of yesterday morning) since the start and 3% body fat!


2 thoughts on “P90X Day 29 – Start of Phase 2

  1. haha! Yep, that’s muscle confusion. I love it! Its like you think you’re getting tougher cause you’re doing the workouts and are getting through them easier, and then bam! they change them and you’re a sore pup again.

    My change is tonight too!

  2. I know I did not give my body a fair chance with my eating and lack of sleep yesterday but I was just amazed at how tough it was! From the get go with the 123 slow pushups I was struggling! I just keep telling myself press play, bring it, press play, bring it! lol

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