P90X – Day 33

Well, for two days this week I blew it so if you are reading these posts for motivation, keep bringing it and know we all slack or have things happen and we just need to get up the next day, press play and bring it again!

But I am back on track today with back, legs and ab ripper. I am still having an issue with my right knee on these leg motions I can do a bunch but some make my knee “crack” and feel uncomfortable so I did what I could. Also with Back I am still mixing up pull ups with bands to get the motions done. When I use the bands I do extra reps until I can find a higher resistance band.

As far as ab ripper, I did do more than past times but I still cant keep up with them! Makes me sick how easy it seems to be, not that they don’t look like they are working but I am pooping out before they break a sweat! lol

After blowing it for 2 days I feel so good right now though and I like that I am mad at myself for missing a workout. I think part of my issue is not enough rest, in order to get this done without interrupting time for work/family I have been doing these at about 5am well there are nights where due to our kids sports or helping with homework or just having time to wind down with my wife after all of that I am going to bed later than I should, typically 10:30 to 11pm. So by time I fall asleep even if it is right away it is about5.5 to 6 hrs sleep and that is not enough.

For now I will keep on with what I am doing because even if I am not ripped by day 90 I should be in much better shape than I have been in a long time and that will motivate me to keep going.


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