Sound check or worship

Every Sunday morning at Five Stones Church , after the sound system is set up, we sound check.  Most bands do, we need to get levels, make sure everything is working correctly and prepare for the services. After all God calls for excellence, we are far from perfect but we make sure we do our best and do everything with excellence…

Sometimes we get so caught up in that setup time, we are mechanical in what we do. Sometimes it is more, like yesterday, it was worship.

You could sense a difference in the room, I think it was so obvious we were worshipping not just sound checking that is was contagious. Pastor Greg actually came in the room from another area and knelt down, prayed and then got up with tears in his eyes. You know it will be a great morning when worship is happening and God is working on the Pastor like that an hour before people even start to show up.

The staff at Five Stones are messed up, we in the band are messed up, the volunteers are messed up, we all have our “things” that at some point can probably make people wonder “how are they in a leadership position” and it is all because of God. We can only do so much so we rely on Him to move and make things happen. That is what church should be, messed up but forgiven people pointing others to the One who is not messed up but in the business of cleaning us up.


2 thoughts on “Sound check or worship

  1. I love it when that happens. I do my best as an engineer to get out of the way of my worship band so they can do this as much as they want to.

  2. Hey, great post. I agree with David, I also love it when our soundchecks attract God’s attention. We must be doing something right!

    I was wondering if you would like to contribute this post and others like it to our resource library ( We’re reaching out to youth leaders and pastors and encouraging each other in an attempt to make their load a little lighter.

    Shoot me an e-mail with your response,
    -Taylor (

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