P90X Get the funk out

Ok, so last week I did some workouts but I felt it was another bust. In looking back I was in some kind of funk. Not sure if it was a bug of some kind my body was fighting off or what but was really struggling to get enough rest and get myself out of bed it time to get my workouts in.

I think I got the funk out though… This week I seem to be getting back on track, having a little more energy and that is good. Like I said in my last post I realize this is not just a 90 day deal anymore but a lifestyle change do that almost makes times like this a little easier. I still feel bad when I miss a workout but I don’t feel like I messed up Phase 3 day x because I will continue on daily to be fit and that is what matters, so realized that and just continue to bring it!


2 thoughts on “P90X Get the funk out

  1. Have you increased your food intake? How much weight have you lost? If you notice you’re having a hard time getting through the work outs, you need to start eating more. (its a good thing)

    And yep, permanent weight loss only comes from permanent lifestyle change! It’s all about health

    Fitness Achievement

    Keep bringing it my friend

    Have a great Resurrection Sunday!

  2. I actually did question myself on that. The past few days I have been trying to eat better but I have had more and wondered if that was the issue all along. I felt like I could not get myself moving and could not figure out why I went from feeling so good to ready to fall asleep at any point in the day. A definite possibility.

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