Getaway and 32s

So last weekend Kelly and I got away to Asheville, NC and it was awesome!

Now, we must have been the only people not up on current events as we drove around wondering why there was so much traffic…

Turns out President Obama was in Asheville to have a getaway with his wife at the Grove Park Inn. We did not stay at the Grove Park but attempted to have lunch there and were met by Secret Service and a K-9 unit sniffing my truck. Once we passed all of that (FYI Obama was not even in town yet) we were told his people took an entire wing of the hotel and there was no parking for non guests. Am I not a guest if my tax money is paying for his trip and people being there? Just saying. 🙂

Anyway it was also the first Sunday I have taken off since we started Five Stones Church about 6 months ago and it felt good. It is nice to feel needed/wanted by the band but nicer to have my time wanted by my wife. There is a sermon for worship bands right there.

While away we went shopping, Kelly has been working out and has lost weight and looks great and I wanted to take her for some new clothes and while there I tried some things on also. I have been wearing size 33 pants/shorts for probably 8 years, and the ones I have stretched some as I found out about 4 months ago when I tried 33’s on at a store and they did not fit but I refused to buy a bigger size. Well, after P90X I am excited to say I am wearing size 32 shorts! I could not believe it and have P90X to thank. I still have some more work to do but I am floored that I can fit in this size after all this time!

Overall it was a great weekend, we came back refreshed and it did wonders for our marriage to spend quality time together without the crazy schedule we seem to have with the kids.


One thought on “Getaway and 32s

  1. Glad you two got to get away for a bit, there is something about taking time away and just “being”.

    I’m so glad to hear that you are down in some 32s that’s an awesome feeling isnt it??

    Keep up the good work! (in all areas) 🙂

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