Adam and Eve – A different Point of View

So I have the opportunity to read and review Pete Wilson’  new book  Plan B. I will do a full review but wanted to share something that I had not seen before that Pete brought up…

Anyway, in reading we were taken back to Adam and Eve to look at how everything should have (or could have) been. I almost feel dumb for not looking at this before but he talked about the knowledge of good and evil and how Adam and Eve would know too much. He mentioned how they would now yearn for something out of their reach since they had all good but now it was lost.

Anytime I have looked at those verses I think I always look at the temptation, act of disobedience and repercussion of the action taken. Now obviously that is all still relevant, but I am thankful seeing another point of view.

I really started to look at the “knowledge” specifically, starting with the description of evil. They did not know evil yet and when your experiences are all good (like Job for so long) the description probably added to the temptation by the serpent. They would not know evil was a bad thing, it was probably a word they never heard which would add to the confusion and temptation more than I had thought about in the past.

It is really the first step in the Bible in showing faith in God and how he wants the best for us even though we may not understand.

They didn’t understand why they would die, after all they probably thought “God has given us everything, He could not have possibly created something that would hurt us, why would we “surely die” from it?”

Then to look at the yearning created by knowing how things should be compared to how they are. We may “know” something is not right but they lived it and saw the difference more than anyone will, ever in history.

Because of that we are all living the largest PlanB in history! Plan A was perfect but sin changed that and we all are part of Plan B

I am not totally convinced the “Ah ha” moment I had was captured in what I wrote but I wanted to at least try to get it written down to share or for my own sake of remembering down the road.


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