P90X: I’m a real guy

What does that mean? It means that I am not a super infomercial person I am a real person that has success and failure.

P90X was and is awesome, but I got a real bad sinus infection that took about 3-4 weeks to get over due to my doctor telling me it was just allergies but it zapped all the energy from me and I was trying to get rest and get over it and not working out.

Tie that in with…

Eating bad again since I let myself get out of “the zone” and I shot up to 190! did not have energy to work out for a few more weeks until I finally got fed up and missed how I felt. What does that mean? Starting over!

I have been back into P90X for a few weeks now, I have dropped 5 pounds so far and pushing play and bringing it again. It is hard to start over but let me encourage anyone following me on this by saying here I am a real person, I did well, hit a wall due to sickness but the key is starting again and that is where I am. So don’t let yourself give up and take the easy way out, instead get fed up and use that energy to motivate yourself again!


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