Well it has been an interesting Summer so far. We typically have gone to North Myrtle Beach for a week each Summer over the past 10 years or so but were not able to get the place we usually stay at. Turns out that was a good thing…

Kelly’s Grandmother had congestive heart failure and this Summer has been not much beyond Kelly and her family taking turns at the hospital making sure everything is being done correctly. I did take a week off though for us to try and do some things locally including visiting the Children’s Museum up in Winston Salem, going to the movies, school shopping, etc. Not as much fun or as relaxing as being at the beach for a week but still time off with family.

The upside is her grandmother finally came home about two days ago and is doing well so far. If you have followed me on twitter (@ktackel) then you know it has been a hectic Summer with all that going on. So, sorry for so few updates on the blog and thanks for the prayers for Kelly’s grandmother and hopefully things will calm back down a little around here.


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