Review:Max On Life Answers and Inspiration for Today’s Questions

Max On Life Answers and Inspiration for Today’s Questions

By Max Lucado 

Well, first let me say, I did not realize how the book was going to be laid out. Initially I did not like the fact that the book was laid out with a question asked of Max Lucado and his answer on almost every page, I was expecting more of a standard flow of reading through it.

After getting over my first impression, I have really come to enjoy the lay out and see it more as a reference. Now do I think Mr. Lucado has the perfect answer for every situation? Probably not but in my experience in seeking council for things I always appreciate input from multiple sources.

In reading through many good and sometimes tough questions I really do appreciate Mr. Lucado’s biblically based answers, ironically many came in handy to remind me of where God is sometimes in difficult situations due to a season of life I am going through. That is also the best statement I could probably say to review a book, it helped me in time of need and helped point to scripture and refocus me on the One who truly gives us confidence through the sometimes tough seasons of life.

Questions asked range anywhere from money, to marriage, to job loss, etc. and are honest questions you could see yourself asking, I recommend this book wholeheartedly.


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