Trendy worship

Just had a sobering thought, have us worship leader/band people gotten so trendy/”cool” that we lost focus?

Just seems you hear about bands and their skinny jeans, scarfs, faux hawks, etc. and lately, in my opinion, there are very few if any good original worship songs anymore! Am I the only one that noticed all the new songs by Christian artists are just remakes of older songs?!

What happened to the creativity and art, the originality to write. If it is out there it, unfortunately,  seems to have been squashed by the corporate big wigs that produce the bands.

We are serving the God of creation and creativity, If we put as much time into being close to Him and writing music as we do on our style and shopping at Buckle or what ever store you go to there could be a huge rise in passionate refocused worship.

I know I am over generalizing and not everyone falls into this and at the same time I am not excluding myself from this, I need to start writing more also but wanted to vent a little and get others thoughts also so leave a comment, am I onto something here or what?

Oh and for the record, I don’t do skinny jeans.


One thought on “Trendy worship

  1. Great post!! I think even the way much of the modern worship music has become completely engrossed in “How I Feel About God” vs “How Great He Is.”

    I appreciate the movements made to break away from liturgical and, in some ways, legalistic worship but feel that we have strayed to far. Worship band members, especially the young, prance around as modern stars ~ and in the youth culture many churches have adopted, they have become them.

    The good news is that through all swings of the pendulum, there will always be those who are trying to stay where God is within the noise.

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