Beyond Talent: Become Someone Who Gets Extraordinary Results

I have always been a fan of John Maxwell’s books, they are motivating, humorous and informative, Beyond talent is no different. Leadership is a common theme for Maxwell but this book looks at it though a different perspective, by starting with your talents, maximizing the God given abilities you have.

To be completely transparent I did receive this book for free to review but I am not under obligation to give it a positive review.
One of the key points Maxwell zooms in on, which I thought was very interesting, is the concept of how we can often waste time trying to fix, or just get better at things that may not be considered a talent of ours. Instead build on your strengths to get the extraordinary results. While this makes sense at face value for me personally I have always thought I need to get better at the things I am not good at in a situation. Now, there are times where that needs to happen but I like the thought of continuing to be excellent at the few things instead of average at many.
In typical Maxwell fashion, there are many stories from not only his personal experience but also from the experience of others he knows or has come in contact with. For me that is one of the refreshing parts of his books, hearing the stories of many to bring home a point.
I really enjoyed this book as I have others from Maxwell and recommend you checking it out.


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