Review of 360 Degree Leader by John Maxwell.

My most recent review is “The 360 Degree Leader –Developing Your Influence from Anywhere in the Organization.” by John C. Maxwell. I have always been a big fan of John Maxwell but this book really helped me with changing my thoughts on leadership.

So often I look at leadership as a destination I am looking toward, but this book took the concept and relayed the thought that where ever you are, you can be in a position of leadership. A very basic thought but yet a mind shift for me in how John Maxwell lays the process. So it is not so much what can I do or change to build myself into a leader but I am a leader now where I am so what can I say or do on a daily basis to actually lead out.

To me this is such a key concept. I have often thought I want to lead but how will I be a good leader when I get there. Well, obviously if I am trying to take ownership of things now in the position I am already in with integrity then I will constantly build leadership skills. I may never become a “Manager” but I can be a leader starting right now and hopefully if a management position is in my future I will have been building the skills all along.


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