GORUCK! Go what?!

Some basics:

(Bear with me for those new to this)

A rucksack is basically a backpack. GORUCK is a company that makes rucks and other products and have also created challenges that are team building endurance events based on military special forces training.

Here is their description:
Inspired by the most elite training offered to Special Forces soldiers and led by Green Berets, a GORUCK Challenges is a team event and never a race. GORUCK Cadre build each class into a team through collective conditions of mental and physical exhaustion. Classes are small, camaraderie is high, smiles are plentiful, and teamwork is paramount. (I’m still wondering about the smiles part)

The GORUCK Cadre have one main task: to teach the leadership lessons they’ve learned serving in the nation’s most elite units, in the world’s harshest environments.

So what am I doing?

GORUCK Light which is 4-5 hours and covers about 7-10 miles with about 20+ lbs of bricks & other items in the rucksack.

Light does not equal easy, it is just a shorter time/distance.

Ok, why am I doing this #CSAUP (Completely Stupid & Utterly Pointless) event?

Reason 1: GORUCK & F3 support our Veteran heroes & this Red Light & Blue GORUCK supports the Charlotte Bridge Home specifically. Charlotte Bridge Home helps Charlotte veterans successfully transition home after military service by identifying their education, employment and healthcare needs and connecting them to available community, state and federal resources.

I also have friends that are in the military now and I have the utmost respect for those that serve for my freedoms, and knowing how lazy I grew up (see below) and how easy I had it, I feel like I need to do this knowing it will help those returning heroes in some way.

Reason 2 (The more personal reason I wanted to do this.): 
Growing up I was raised by my mother, without many responsibilities or consequences. My father was very passive, lived far away and was not part of my life much over the years, for whatever reason. As I have grown older, gotten married and become a father, I want to change the pattern of what I learned. I didn’t want to be a divorced, passive man that lets life pass by. I want to be a man, husband, father and friend that honors God with my words and actions

While I have made strides, I can still see how being raised as I was bred that response deep into me. Nature vs. Nurture is an interesting thing because while I mentally don’t want to be that way, it is my tendency, and I struggle with it more than I would like. As a kid/teen, I was always laid back and went with the flow, I was never pushed or challenged, and things always seemed to work out for me which made passivity easier.

A good friend/F3 brother said once. “I need to defeat my worst enemy… myself.”

This is so true, and I need to be conscious of this daily to make lasting changes.

In August of 2013 (A little over a month after starting F3), I saw a post on the website talking about a custom F3 GORUCK Challenge. As I read through the post on the site (here when you have time), especially some of the 1st hand accounts, I couldn’t help but feel a stirring inside.

I think this stirring was knowing I have never been challenged physically or mentally like that, or at all really, and I felt like something was missing inside. Maybe it’s that “hunter/protector” people say men are born with inside that never saw the light of day in my case. That stirring could also just be knowing that while I have daughters, more importantly, I have a son that I don’t want following my poor habits. I will never be a perfect father but I don’t want him to look at me as a passive dad like I did with my father. I want, with God’s help, to mold him into the best man he can be and I need to model that as much as possible. I admit there are more important places to model that day to day, but for me, I also needed to do something where at the end of the day I can say I was challenged beyond what I thought I could ever do mentally or physically. I feel like it will help break some chains of my past that hold me back and hopefully in the process help me continue to take needed steps to be the man, husband and father I want to be.

Here is a video of the F3 Custom GORUCK Challenge. The “Light” is what I am doing, which is this but on a smaller scale as described above. My goal is to move up to a Challenge, hopefully next year.


One thought on “GORUCK! Go what?!

  1. Shepherd says:

    Awesome! I can relate to your story. Thanks for the transparency in sharing this. Will be praying for your experience to be great! – Shepherd.

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