About Me

me2sAbout me? Well, a man that loves God, my wife and kids, music and technology. My goal is that those priorities/passions are evident in my life, and in that order. I fall short all the time but I try to learn from those times and pray that I change and do better the next time.

My wife and three children are such a blessing, there are always challenges but with 20 years of marriage under our belts we got this down… Just kidding, we are still learning, trying to be better spouses to each other and better parents to our kids and relying on God through it all!

I help lead worship, playing electric guitar, at Five Stones Church. We launched in September of 09′ and are running around 1,400 people each week which is amazing!

I am a geek at heart with computers, web design and I love audio. I originally went to school for and worked in a recording studio for a few years which was a fun and educational experience.

I am currently working in the I.T. realm (and have been for about 17 years) with a large focus on Business Intelligence tools  here in Charlotte.

I could see at some point using these various gifts in full time ministry but until that door opens I will continue to do my best with what I have in front of me.

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