No more “yeabuts”… Bible in a year – Leviticus

Whoa, this has been an intense area for an ADD person to stay focused on. There are so many rules and a lot of details to follow regarding each rule.

One thing I noticed, I love how God continues to say “I Am The Lord” it is as if he is saying, don’t ask why, don’t question me, I Am The Lord. It is to tell them the reason why before they say “Yea but…” No excuses, no questions, I Am The Lord.

Why should we do that… I Am The Lord
What is the purpose… I Am The Lord
That is not fair… I Am The Lord
I don’t feel like it… I Am The Lord
It will not make a difference… I Am The Lord
I can’t handle it all… I Am The Lord
I need help… I Am The Lord

How can we argue with our creator. What else does he need to say to get our attention? Nothing! We don’t follow all of those same rules today but God talks to us and tells us to do things and we still can’t argue, although we try, all the time. The same thing holds true today like it did then, He Is Lord. We need to stop arguing or ignoring what He has to say to us because… He Is Lord.


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